The Hotham History Project is a community group with an interest in the history of North and West Melbourne, formerly known as Hotham.



True North

A self guided walk to view the Hoardings erected at the new Arden train station worksite. The hoardings give a glimpse into some of the rich history of North Melbourne. Read more about the True North project here.

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Talk – Elio Sarpi on the Instagram Account ‘Houses of North & West Melbourne’

Meet Elio Sarpi, the man behind the popular Instagram Account ‘Houses of North & West Melbourne’. His account has amassed 16,500 followers since its inception in July 2020. Many of his followers live in Australia, but he also has followers in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada & Italy. During this event Elio will take ...

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(DATE TO BE CONFIRMED) Talk – Telling Tennant’s Story: The strange career of the great Australian silence by Dean Ashenden

Most of us are used to not talking about the relations between our First Nations peoples and ourselves the colonisers, but times are changing and so are we. Dean Ashenden’s work is therefore timely. His Telling Tennant's Story provides stories and insights which will help us understand how we got to the situation we find ourselves in. It can give ...

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The Hotham History Articles tab is a collection of stories about North and West Melbourne