True North

A self guided walk to view the Hoardings erected at the new Arden train station worksite. The hoardings give a glimpse into some of the rich history of North Melbourne. Read more about the True North project here.

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Wayward Women?

Meet some women who don't fit the stereotype of demure Victorian womanhood in 'Wayward Women?'. There are some familiar faces like Madam Brussels, the successful brothel-keeper, and Frances Knorr, the Brunswick baby farmer. But have you heard of Beatrice Phillips, 'the worst woman in Melbourne', who was convicted for various offences over 227 times? Or Brettena Smyth, an early feminist ...

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Old Treasury Building, 20-70 Spring Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia
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A Nation Divided: The Great War and Conscription

The debate over conscription during the darkest years of WWI has been described by some historians as the most bitter, divisive and violent ever to consume the nation. From 1916 to 1917, thousands of impassioned speeches were made, endless newspaper columns were written, and mass meetings and huge rallies were held throughout Australia. As families, communities and organisations divided in ...

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Old Treasury Building, 20-70 Spring Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia
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Past Events

Victorian Painting, a talk by Professor Miles Lewis, FAHA, AM.

Hotham History Project presents a talk on Victorian Paint by Professor Miles Lewis, FAHA, AM. Heritage paint colour controls in Victoria, and to a large extent in Australia, are based mainly upon a document prepared 45 years ago by Miles Lewis and his then research assistant Alison Blake (now Bishop Alison Taylor).  Today those controls are substantially unchanged, except for ...

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Bastow Institute, 603 - 615 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne, victoria 3051 Australia
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Watch the recording of the zoom talk: New Insights on Hotham Hill by Guy Murphy.

'At Home on Hotham Hill' is a history of a house 'Milton Hall' intertwined with the story of the man who built it, Robert Langford.  This talk will update members with new information that has come to light since the book appeared in 2004.  A key development has been the emergence of Trove Online, which has made accessible in searchable ...

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Talk: Historical Experience of Urbanisation of North Melbourne by Fiona Gatt

Fiona Gatt is doing a PhD at Deakin University on North Melbourne History and has very kindly agreed to make a presentation to members and friends of our group on the 28th of July 2020. Fiona’s Honours thesis used family history methodology to show the long view of the Great War. The thesis followed five related families from their immigration ...

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North Melbourne Library, 66 Errol Street
North Melbourne, Victoria 3051 Australia
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Lucky Dip Cemetery Tour

This tour is a bit of everything all in one. Dip in and see what treasures we can find. This all-new tour will discover angels, remember events, take a fresh look at the cemetery environment and consider some of the people and their stories that we’ve never included in tours before. Time: 2pm – 4pm, Sunday 3 October 2021 Cost: ...

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coburg cemetery, Corner Bell and Elizabeth Streets
Preston, Vic 3058 Australia
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Brothels, bordellos and bagnios: Sex work in nineteenth-century Melbourne

In nineteenth-century Melbourne there were no supporting pensions and no childcare options, so for many women the solution was sex work. They could work their own hours; they could do it in their own homes and it paid a great deal more than factory or domestic work. But deserted wives and mothers were not the only women who turned to ...

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North Melbourne Air Crash – NAA Webinar

In September 1943, around 60,000 war-weary Melbournians gathered to enjoy a morale-boosting display of RAAF aerial manoeuvres, but ended up witnessing the tragedy of the Second World War first hand. The North Melbourne air crash occurred just a few hundred metres from where the National Archives’ Victoria office is now located. Discover this fascinating wartime story through records from the ...

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Webinar, Australia
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Saturday Night at the Cemetery

If walking amongst the dead in the dark doesn’t freak you out, come along for a moonlit night (clear skies permitting) to hear about some of the people of Coburg Cemetery and their stories. This tour will introduce you to people not included in past tours, ranging from fascinating achievers to sad stories of lives cut short. Time: 6.30 – ...

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coburg cemetery, Corner Bell and Elizabeth Streets
Preston, Vic 3058 Australia
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Hotham History Project Inc AGM

Annual General Meeting this year will focus on the special topic: The Melbourne Streets Project. This on-line project was initiated by HHP committee members Sue Scarfe and Stephen Hatcher. It is a long term project that celebrates, in the first instance, the history of our streets in North and West Melbourne. You are invited to contribute to this project and ...

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North Melbourne Library, 66 Errol Street
North Melbourne, Victoria 3051 Australia
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Symposium Plan or perish: Ensuring the survival of community oral histories

How can we make sure the stories of local communities recorded by oral historians survive the ravages of time? This OHV symposium is an opportunity to explore and discuss the challenges facing communities and oral historians in preserving recorded interviews for the future. Community oral histories are an incredibly rich resource, but we risk losing many due to: • physical ...

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Talk: Victoria’s Earliest Potteries by Greg Hill

Talk given by Mr. Greg Hill. Greg has been a collector of Australian pottery for 44 years and an antique dealer for 28. He published ‘Victoria’s Earliest Potteries’ in 2019 which describes a previously unknown history of potteries in Victoria. In this talk Greg will describe the history of some of our earliest potteries including the North Melbourne Pottery that ...

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25th September, 2018 Talk - Colonial Victoria’s Stained Glass Craftsmen by Ray Brown
Tuesday 25 September 2018 at 7.30 pm. Elm Street Church Hall. A talk by Ray Brown titled ‘Colonial Victoria’s Stained Glass Craftsmen’. Colonial Victoria’s leading stained glass window firm, Ferguson & Urie, began in Curzon Street, North Melbourne in 1853. The factory building, now apartments, was the first stained glass workshop in Australia where thousands of magnificent stained glass windows were created and installed in churches, public buildings and private homes in Melbourne and across Australia. It operated until the firm closed in 1899.
Ray Brown is a great-great-great grandson of one of the founders, James Ferguson. He has built a wonderful website dedicated to tracking down all the existing Ferguson & Urie windows as well as all the information he can gather on the firm and its employees.

25th August, 2018 Talk - Leveraging Technology By Sue Scarfe.
  Following HHP's AGM, Sue Scarfe gave a presentation on how the Hotham History Project could leverage technology to engage with a wider and more diverse audience.
Sue showcased 4 approaches: Online, Social Media, Infographics and Augmented Reality Apps. Online publishing of works already completed, such a the Burchett Index and the 80+ articles written for the North and West Melbourne News over the last 20 years are 2 examples of how HHP can make details of our suburbs histories more widely available. With over 70% of Australians active on facebook, and social media being the cheapest and second most effective way to market to Australians (after TV advertising), HHP was encourged to utilise facebook more. Infographics is a relatively new publishing format which combines concise facts with interesting images and has wide appeal amongst all ages and is particullarly suited to online and social media exposure. Finally, Sue showed 3 short videos on how Augmented Reality can add pictures and video to things such a posters, or annotations to maps, as a way to bring an interactive experience to enhance a message (like an event poster or a guided tour).  See the Leveraging Technology presentation here

26th June, Talk - The Crutchy Push By Blair Gardiner.
At our most receSnt event on 26 June we were given a fascinating talk by Blair Gardiner on the ‘Crutchy Push - the Terror of North Melbourne’. Blair introduced us to ‘Pushes’ - gangs that formed in inner Melbourne during the late 19th and early 20th Century. The ‘Crutchy Push’ of North Melbourne was unique in that the core members had missing limbs who relied on crutches for mobility and used them as weapons with devastating effect. The women associated with members of the Crutchy Push were just as fierce as their male compatriots. Both sexes dressed outlandishly with the men adopting a Californian mode with small sombreros, tight trousers to the knees, which then flared out above Cuban-heeled boots. To finish they wore a vest and cravat over a shirt. The leader of the Crutchy Push was Valentine Keating and his girlfriend, Harriett Adderley who both spent time in prison for their violent attacks.

12th May, 2018 Walk - Coffee Walk Along Historic Errol Street This National Trust Heritage Festival Walk is a joint activity with the North Melbourne Library. Commencing at 1.00pm. The walk is a repeat of the ’Coffee Walk’ along historic Errol Street, North Melbourne. Further details will be circulated closer to the date.

5th May, 2018 Talk - The Woodbridge Family Commencing at, 2.00 pm at North Melbourne Library. Talk with Guest Speaker, Lynn Haines. ’The Woodbridge Family: Harness makers and saddlers of North Melbourne’. Lynn is a family historian who has researched her Woodbridge family history from Abingdon in Berkshire to North Melbourne where Bartlett Woodbridge set up as a harness maker and saddlery in Leveson Street, North Melbourne in the 1850s. Lynn will tell the story of the fortunes and misfortunes of the family during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

7th April, 2018 Tour - Along the Maribyrnong River with Peter Somerville Commencing at 1.30 pm. Along the Maribyrnong River with Peter Somerville on the ’Blackbird’. A number of members missed out on this trip last year because of the limited number of places available on the ’Blackbird’. We are therefore planning to run this trip again on 7 April 2018. The trip will cover the geography and early history of the River and its importance to the development of Melbourne.

18th March, 2018 Walk - A Tour of Jack’s Magazine, Maribyrnong Jack’s Magazine is a remarkable historic place on the banks of the Maribyrnong River. The bluestone buildings and surrounds were constructed between 1875 and 1921 and used for the storage and transport of explosives. This tour will provide an opportunity to see an important piece of Victoria’s military and industrial past. Booking details will be provided in a forthcoming flyer. Tour commences 11am.

14th November, 2017 Film - Alec Campbell - The Last Anzac - interview with his daughter Deidre Langenheim Hotham Room, North Melbourne Library, 7:30pm This event is a rescreening of a filmed interview with Deidre Langenheim speaking about her family and in particular her father, Alec Campbell, the last surviving ANZAC. Alec served in Gallipoli with the 15th Battalion of infantry and died in Hobart on the 16th May 2002.

21st October, 2017 Walk - Heritage Walk on Curran Street Guy Murphy, author of 'At Home on Hotham Hill' will lead this walk around Curran Street, North Melbourne. He will tell us about the history of the house at 519 Dryburgh Street and the man who built it, and the wider precinct known as Hotham Hill

16th September, 2017 Tour - Along the Maribyrnong River with Peter Somerville on the boat 'Blackbird' This trip up the Maribyrnong (Salt Water) River will be guided by Peter Somerville on the Blackbird. The trip will cover the geography and early history of the River and its importance to the development of Melbourne. Meet at 1.30pm at bottom of Saltriver Place, Footscray. Melway 42 E5

26th August, 2017 AGM - Annual General Meeting - Guest Speaker Gary Vines Our Annual General Meeting will be held in the Hotham Room at the North Melbourne Library on Saturday 26 August 2017 commencing at 2.00pm. Following the AGM our guest speaker will be archaeologist and historian Gary Vines who will give a talk entitled 'From Flemington Bank to Dudley Flats'.

25th July, 2017 Talk - Frank Golding 'Lost and Found: State Children in Australia' This talk will look at the history of the way welfare has been delivered over the years. Frank will draw on research into his own multi - generational history of state care, using examples close to North Melbourne.

6th May, 2017 Walk - Voices of North Melbourne This walk through some local streets will be a joint event with the North Melbourne Library as part of Heritage Month. To be led by Heather McKay, the walk will be an exploration of North Melbourne through the oral experiences of its citizens. The walk will leave from the Library at 2.00pm.

8th April, 2017 Film - Laurette 1942 - a film by Francis Fourcou Local French teacher Veronique Baverstock will introduce this new film about the work of her mother, Laurette, who helped Jews, Spanish refugees, gypsies and other displaced persons in the concentration camps of Vichy France.

18th March, 2017 Walk - Brougham Street, North Melbourne Brougham Street runs from Melrose Street to Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne and has a number of significant heritage homes. This walk, led by Marion Poynter and others, will take us past many of these homes and tell us a little of the history of their former occupants. John and Marion Poynter have kindly agreed to open their garden at number 38 Brougham Street.

19th February, 2017 Book launch - Nicholas O'Donnell's Autobiography edited by Dr Val Noone Nicholas O'Donnell's Autobiography is a gem of family and social history. Born in 1862 at Bullengarook in central Victoria, O'Donnell spent part of his schooling in North Melbourne, and graduated in medicine from the University of Melbourne. He established a medical practice in Victoria Street, North Melbourne, from 1886 until he retired due to ill health in 1919. Nicholas includes descriptions of his memories of North and West Melbourne when he first arrived in the late 1860s.

12th November, 2016 Walk - History walk in Fawkner Cemetery This walk will explore the last resting place of a number of prominent North Melbourne people.

27th August, 2016 AGM - Annual General Meeting - Guest Speaker Dr Val Noone Our Annual General Meeting will be held in the Hotham Room at the North Melbourne Library on Saturday 27 August 2016 commencing at 2.00pm. Following the AGM our guest speaker will be historian and academic, Dr Val Noone, on Nicholas O'Donnell's account of West and North Melbourne 1854-1919.

26th July, 2016 Talk - Private to Public - a tale of depots, horses and unions Ian Jenkins will present this talk. Ian is a member of the Australian Railway Association and his talk will highlight the history of the coming of rail to North and West Melbourne.

7th May, 2016 Walk - Raze or recycle: repurposing heritage buildings (National Trust Heritage Festival Walk starting at 2.00 pm). North Melbourne has a vast array of heritage buildings. But quite a few no longer have the original purpose. Join the North Melbourne Library and Hotham History Project for an easy walk to discover these buildings with a highlight being the magnificent Melbourne Meat Market.

16th April, 2016 Talk - Lola Russell's Memoir 'City Kid' City Kid is the story of Lola Russell and her shop and residence on the corner of King and La Trobe Streets. Built by James Heffernan in 1850/51 it has been occupied by Lola's family since 1899. Lola's story spans over a hundred years marking the changing fortunes of theatre and film, secondary education and small business. Lola will be in attendance to sign copies of her memoir. Susan Pierotti is a freelance copy editor and proof-reader who has worked for several publishing companies on historical fiction, biographies, fiction and travel books.

16th March, 2016 Workshop/Display - 'Arbiter of Style: The Talented Mr. George Johnson' led by Peter Johnson From quite humble beginnings George Johnson rose to become the most prolific designer of theatres & halls in Australia during the latter part of the 19th century. At his peak he was designing projects in four different colonies at once. This display will explore some of George Johnson's works including two heritage buildings which grace the streets of North Melbourne - the Hotham Town Hall (today's Arts House) and the Metropolitan Meat Market.

8th March, 2016 Talk - 'Sheilas, Sisters and Suffragettes' This event to celebrate the role of women on International Women's Day will present a series of short talks including one by our Chair, Lorna Hannan on the history of women in North Melbourne. Other presenters include authors, Penny Mackieson, Renate Klein and Sandy Jeffs. The meeting will conclude with a panel discussion lead by the three authors on issues affecting women.

23rd February, 2016 Talk - 'History of house renumbering in inner Melbourne' by Dr Karl Hessian Local historians are often confronted by the problem of changing house numbers that occurred in inner Melbourne late in the 19th century. This is your chance to fully understand when and why this happened and to avoid pitfalls in your own research. In his talk Dr. Hessian will also cover the process by which the City of Melbourne enforced the paving of private lanes.

10th November, 2015 Film - Deidre Langenheim on Film Hotham Room, North Melbourne Library, 7:30pm This event will show a film of Deidre Langenheim speaking about her family and in particular her father, Alec Campbell, the last surviving ANZAC. Alec served in Gallipoli with the 15th Battalion of infantry and died in Hobart on the 16th May 2002.

18th October, 2015 Event - Spring Fling The Hotham History Project will again sponsor a stall at this year's Spring Fling in Errol Street, North Melbourne. If you are able to assist at the stall to help raise the profile of history in the local community and of Hotham History in particular we would love to hear from you. Bill Hannan will also be conducting his very popular tours of the North Melbourne Town Hall clock tower.

10th October, 2015 Walk - John Jones' Houses John Jones was a prominent builder who lived and worked in West Melbourne. This walk will explore the history of the 20 surviving houses including who lived in the houses and where they worked. The walk will start at the corner of King and Roden Streets at 2pm and will proceed down Roden Street to Adderley Street returning to Errol via Hawke Street. At the conclusion of the walk particupants are invited to share a coffee in Errol Street.

19th September, 2015 Talk - Annual General Meeting - Helen Chung Guest Speaker Our Annual General Meeting will be held in the Hotham Room at the North Melbourne Library on Saturday 19 September 2015 commencing at 2.00pm. If you would like to volunteer for a position on the committee we would love to hear from you. Following the AGM our guest speaker will be pioneer journalist Helene Chung. Helene will give an illustrated presentation titled 'A Chinese Australian TIn Mining Heritage: Women Past, Present and Future.'

28th July, 2015 Talk - Aspects of the History of North & West Melbourne and the Anglican Church This presentation by Professor John Rickard will be held in the North Melbourne Library.

26th May, 2015 Talk - Jack Lewis - Citizens Action Plan This presentation will examine the Citizen's Action Plan 1973 for North and West Melbourne. The talk will commence at 7.30pm at the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, 603-615 Queensberry St., North Melbourne. Access from Union St.

18th April, 2015 Walk - Evoking the North Melbourne of 1915 In partnership with North Melbourne Library. Led by Heather McKay, this walk will focus on residents of North Melbourne who fought in WW1. Meet at Pleasance Gardens at 2.00pm.

24th March, 2015 Talk - Heritage buildings in the Arden-Macaulay Precinct Heritage architect Graeme Butler will outline his work on assessing heritage places in the Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan area. The talk will commence at 7.30pm at the North Melbourne Library, 66 Errol St. See

22nd November, 2014 Walk - Errol Street Memories Errol St Memories with PODCAST Contributions or walk around West Melb. with locals from 1940s to 1960s who attended King St State School.

28th October, 2014 Talk - The Benevolent Asylum Mary Kehoe: The Benevolent Asylum

30th August, 2014 AGM & Talk - Bringing in Change, housing inner Melbourne in the 1960's Judith O'Neill - Housing Commission, Slum Clearance - Oswald Barnett Photographs

14th June, 2014 Walk - Maribyrnong River Maribyrnong River, Pipemaker's Park & Burley-Griffin's Essendon Incinerator. Curator: Richard Ennis. Perhaps lunch at Angler's Arms Hotel, Maribyrnong).

3rd May, 2014 Walk - Journeys For National Trust Heritage Festival April 18 - May 18th. Theme 'Journeys.' Bill's journey through North Melbourne. Bill Liddy & friends concentrating on Lothian, Victoria & Queensberry Streets

12th April, 2014 Walk - Journey to the Goldfields Journey to the Goldfields along Flemington Road - From Howard Street to Melrose Hotel, (Melrose Street) / or Melrose to Turf Club Hotel, (corner Peel Street & Flemington Road)

22nd February, 2014 Talk - Historical subdivisions. Geoff Leach will discuss how the original crown lot subdivision into quarter acre blocks relates to the widths of one and a half and double fronted houses. He will demonstrate how the LANDATA database can be used to trace the timeline of subdivision and development back to the original crown land sales. Bookings essential to info(at) The talk will commence at 2.00pm at the Dewey Common, Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, 603-615 Queensberry St., North Melbourne. Access from Union St.

14th December, 2013 Book Launch - Moving Around: Stories of a North Melbourne Family 1902 -64 Join us for the launch of a new publication by Rae Nicholls & Lorna Hannan. It is the story of the Quinn family from the time Rae Nicholls' grandmother, Ada Jane Quinn arrived in North Melbourne with her young family in 1902, told by a combination of Rae's notes of past conversations, her taped interviews with family and excerpts of their own writing. To be launched by the Honorable Richard Wynne 2pm for 2.30pm at St Michael's Hall, 8 Brougham Street, North Melbourne.

12th October, 2013 Meeting - Annual General Meeting This year's annual general meeting will be held at the Learning and Life Centre at the North Melbourne Football Club, 204-206 Arden Street, North Melbourne at 2pm. The meeting will be followed by a talk by Professor Janet McCalman on Vandemonians in Hotham: Tales of former Tasmanian convicts who ended their days in Hotham from the Founders & Survivors Project.

27th July, 2013 Talk - Mineral Mt Somers to Marvellous Melbourne: the use of NZ limestone in Melbourne On a trip home to her native New Zealand, Mary Chapman noticed limestone at a quarry near Oamaru stockpiled awaiting shipment to St Mary's, West Melbourne. Mary will talk about some of the magnificent buildings in Melbourne that have used New Zealand limestone - and in particular our own St Mary Star of the Sea. The talk will commence at 2.00pm in The Crypt, rear of St Mary Star of the Sea, Howard St, West Melbourne.

4th May, 2013 Walk - North Melbourne's de-licensed pubs and the former Temperance Hall This year we are proposing to do a temperance walk instead of a pub walk, wandering past the sites of some of the many de-licensed pubs in North Melbourne, and visiting the old Temperance Hall in Queensberry Street, built in 1874 for the Hotham Temperance Hall Company.Meet outside the North Melbourne Library, Errol Street, about 1.50pm

26th March, 2013 Talk - Billy Edwards, a West Melbourne Identity by Mimi Colligan Marion (Bill) Edwards (1874-1956), trans-sexual barman, pony trainer and bookmaker, frequented the pubs of West Melbourne from the 1920s. Although neighbours knew she was female they described her later as an 'old gentleman'. Dr Mimi Colligan writes on 19th century popular culture and biography and is the author of the entry on Marion (Bill) Edwards in The Australian Dictionary of Biography. To be held at 7:30pm in the Dewey Common at the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, 603-615 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne. (Entrance from Union Street.)

21st October, 2012 Event - North Melbourne Spring Fling Spring Fling Street Festival 2012 celebrates the diversity and richness in North & West Melbourne. As part of History Week, the Hotham History Project will be hosting a stall in Errol Street, which will be closed to traffic. 11am-6pm.

20th October, 2012 Meeting - Annual General Meeting This year's annual general meeting will be held at the Learning and Life Centre at the North Melbourne Football Club, 204-206 Arden Street, North Melbourne at 2pm. The meeting will be followed by a talk, Dr Smith's Free Lunch, by Professor John Poynter about the Free Banquet organised for the Royal Visit of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh in 1867, which ended in a riot. The general public is welcome to attend.

25th September, 2012 Talk - Archibishop Mannix in West Melbourne 1913-17 Dr Val Noone is an academic with a keen interest in Irish history, in particular, the Irish in Australia. He is on a subcommittee of the Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission planning celebrations for the centenary of Daniel Mannix's arrival in Victoria in March 1913. Starting 7:30pm. To be held in the Dewey Common at the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, 603-615 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne. (Entrance from Union Street.)

21st July, 2012 Talk - Stained Glass in North & West Melbourne Ferguson & Urie were well-known 19th century stained glass makers based in North Melbourne. There are some magnificent examples of stained glass in our local churches so we thought we would acknowledge this work and the work of some of the stained glass artists who have contributed their artistry to our suburbs with an illustrated talk. Talk will commence at 2pm at the Uniting Church hall, Elm Street, North Melbourne.

12th May, 2012 Walk - 19th Century Schools in North & West Melbourne There were once many private and government schools in North & West Melbourne. Several of these old school buildings have disappeared but some buildings remain. In the case of the Queensberry Street State School, this is being magnificently restored to reopen shortly as The Bastow Institute. We propose to walk past the sites of some of these old schools with the reminiscences of long-ago pupils ringing in our ears. Meet outside the North Melbourne Library, Errol Street, about 1.50pm

24th March, 2012 Talk - St Mary Star of the Sea If your appetite was whetted by seeing the magnificently restored interior of St Mary's during our twilight walk in November last year, you may wish to join Thomas Hazell, the Restoration Co-ordinator, who will share his expertise on bringing the church back to its former glory. He has also offered to include a tour of the 1870s presbytery, designed by famous architect William Wardell, the architect of St Patrick's Cathedral. Meet outside St Mary Star of the Sea, Victoria Street, West Melbourne, about 1.50pm

25th November, 2011 Walk - Churches of West Melbourne and the Bells of St James Meet outside St Marys Star of the Sea in West Melbourne at 6pm. From St Marys the group will walk to St James old cathedral where long time bell ringer Bill Cook will talk about the bells. Bell ringing commences approximately 7.15pm. (These details are tentative and are to be confirmed).

22nd October, 2011 Talk - Annual General Meeting This year's annual general meeting will be held at the Learning and Life Centre at the North Melbourne Football Club, 204-206 Arden Street, North Melbourne starting at 2pm. The meeting will be followed by a public talk by Jack Bowen, a grandson of the original founder of Bowen and Pomeroy, which began in 1894 on the corner of Arden and Dryburgh Streets, North Melbourne. The general public is welcome to attend.

9th July, 2011 Walk & Talk - George Johnson Tour This walking tour will involve visiting a series of buildings in North Melbourne designed by notable nineteenth century architect George Johnson. Places to be visited include the Meat Market and the North Melbourne Town Hall and Library. Learn about these handsome buildings from members of the Hotham History Project and Bill Hannan (author of Pride of Hotham, the story of George Johnson in North Melbourne on sale on the day). The walk is $10 or $5 concession. Meet outside the North Melbourne library in Errol Street in time to depart at 2

9th April, 2011 Walk - R-Rated Real Estate A street walk examining buildings featured in the HHP publication 'R-Rated Real Estate' by Lorraine Siske.

26th October, 2010 Talk - Female immigration Guest speaker, Dr Liz Rushen has written widely about female immigration to Australia in the 1830s. Liz will talk about her book, Single & Free: female migration to Australia 1833-1837, and about the lives of some of the women she researched, including Jane Maloney, the mother of Dr William Maloney who represented this area for many decades in both State and Federal government. Lorraine Siska will also talk about her detailed research on Jane Maloney who lived and owned property in Roden Street, West Melbourne. Talk will commence at 7.30pm in the Supper Room of the North Melbourne Town Hall, 521 Queensberry Street.

9th October, 2010 Event - Annual General Meeting Guest speaker, Clare Hart, will talk about indigenous plant and small animal life in the North & West Melbourne area. The meeting will commence at 2.00pm at the Learning and Life Centre, North Melbourne Football Club, 204-206 Arden Street, North Melbourne.

18th August, 2010 Event - Burke & Wills 150th Anniversary Re-enactment of the departure of the Victorian Exploring Expedition from Royal Park on 20 August 1860. The event program includes the unveiling of a plaque by the Governor, the re-enactment of the farewell speeches by Robert Doyle as the Lord Mayor Dr Eades and Dave Phoenix as Robert O'Hara Burke, and an opportunity to "walk the track" and learn more about the Expedition. Start time: 10am at the memorial cairn in Royal Park. Please see: for more information about activities for the 150th anniversary.

1st August, 2010 Anniversary - Burke & Wills 150th Anniversary Burke & Wills 150th anniversary The Victorian Exploring Expedition to cross the continent from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria, led by Robert O'Hara Burke, left from Royal Park on 20 August 1860. The Hotham History Project hopes to be part of the celebrations to mark this important event. We will keep you posted.

27th July, 2010 Talk - The Lost Dogs' Home The campaign to establish a Lost Dogs' Home in Melbourne started in 1910, culminating in the opening of the Home on its North Melbourne site in February 1913. The Managing Director, Dr Graeme Smith, will talk about the crucial role the Lost Dogs' Home plays in caring for the abandoned animals of Melbourne. The talk will begin at 7.30pm at the North Melbourne Library.

22nd May, 2010 Walk - The Gidneys, horse traders of North Melbourne Not really a walk but a stroll around Canning and Wood Streets looking at and learning more about some of the grandest houses in North Melbourne, built by the Gidney family who established a highly profitable horse breeding and trading business with India in the late 19th century. Meet at the Dryburgh St end of Pleasance Gardens at 2pm.

20th March, 2010 Walk - The Churches of North & West Melbourne. Join us at 2pm for a tour of some of North & West Melbourne's magnificent landmark churches dating back to the early years of settlement. Meet outside the North Melbourne Library.

7th November, 2009 Walk - The Geography of Hotham's Horses North Melbourne developed rapidly in the 1850s in the wake of the gold rushes as hotels and businesses sprang up to provide temporary accommodation and the stabling and provisioning for horses for the immigrants pouring into the colony. As History Week is being held during the Racing Carnival, we propose to continue the horse theme and visit some of the sites in North Melbourne where businesses related to horses and carting once flourished. (2pm start.)

1st November, 2009 Walk - History Week 2009 In 2008 the Royal Historical Society of Victoria initiated History Week as a forum for a wide range of events encouraging people to explore Victoria's fascinating past. In 2009, History Week will be held from 25 October to 1 November. The Hotham History Project proposes to run a walk to be included in the History Week Calendar of Events.

5th September, 2009 Walk - Molesworth Street In 2002 the Hotham History Project published Winsome Robert's Molesworth Street: A North Melbourne Neighbourhood, 1840-1905. Join Winsome as she brings alive the tumultuous early years of settlement on Hotham Hill with the submergence of the natural landscape and the effect of the terrain on the social development on the hillside. Meet outside North Melbourne Library, Errol Street at 2.00pm.

22nd August, 2009 Meeting & Talk - AGM and 'La Chaumiere, West Melbourne 1971 to 1998' AGM - 2.00pm; Guest Speaker, Gerald Georges at 2.30pm. Gerald Georges, was the proprietor of West Melbourne French restaurant, La Chaumiere, for almost 30 years. Gerald's anecdotes and recollections will bring back fond memories for all those who visited La Chaumiere during its heyday. Venue: City of Melbourne Bowls' Club, Flagstaff Gardens (Dudley Street end, entrance at eastern end of building)

26th May, 2009 Talk - The Heffernans Lyndon Arnold's ancestors built the intriguing 1850s shop/house on the south-east corner of King & La Trobe Streets. Lyndon has researched the Heffernan family who built the house and will talk about his forefathers' contribution to early West Melbourne history. Talk begins at 7.30pm.

31st March, 2009 Talk - The Natural History of the Melbourne Region Gary Presland will speak about the natural environments of the Melbourne region when first encountered by Europeans. His book The Place for a Village: How Nature Has Shaped the City of Melbourne was published in 2008.

25th November, 2008 Talk - At Home on Hotham Hill Guy Murphy, author of At Home on Hotham Hill, (Annals of Hotham vol 4), will be giving a talk on his book in the North Melbourne library from 7.30pm.

23rd September, 2008 Talk - The City of Melbourne Bowls Club The City of Melbourne Bowls Club is one of the oldest bowling clubs in Melbourne. The Club has been researching and writing its history over the past couple of years. Come along and learn more about its rich and varied past and the latest news on its exciting new clubhouse.

6th September, 2008 Meeting - Annual General Meeting and Talk 'John Noone of West Melbourne, Government Lithog AGM - 2.00pm, Guest Speaker: Val Noone at 2.30pm, both events at the North Melbourne Library. Dr Val Noone is a fellow of the Department of History at the University of Melbourne, and a great-grandson of John Noone. His talk will outline the life and times of John Noone (1820-1883) and Julia Reilley (1840-1902) and their children of Stanley Street and later Roden Street, West Melbourne. Particular attention will be given to John's scientific and technical work as government lithographer, 1861-88, especially in producing land maps of Victoria; Julia's life as mother; and the remarkable record of five daughters who became teachers. Some reflections are offered on changes in printing technology, the role of mapping in colonisation, the impact of the 1890s depression and the role of women in state education.

22nd July, 2008 Talk - George Donald's House Long-term committee member, Lorraine Siska, has lived in her 1860s house in West Melbourne most of her life. She has become fascinated with learning the secrets of its past, and in particular, the story of the second owner of the house, George Donald, Inspector of General Markets, an important and highly respected figure of his time. Lorraine will talk about her voyage of discovery and provide suggestions about how you can go about researching the history of your own house. The talk will begin at 7.30pm in the North Melbourne Library.

27th May, 2008 Talk - John Jones, A West Melbourne Builder John Jones, a Welsh builder and stonemason, built over forty homes in West Melbourne between 1861 and 1889, of which over fifteen have survived. Hotham History Project member, David Evans, lives in the two-storey terrace in Hawke Street that John Jones built for his family in 1881. David will talk about John Jones, his buildings and his legacy. The talk will be at 7.30pm in the North Melbourne Library.

25th March, 2008 Talk - Six Men in a Seat Learn more about some of the six colourful men who have represented the seat of Melbourne since Federation.

27th November, 2007 Talk - HS Chapman & the Australian Ballot Chapman St, North Melbourne has been named after Henry Samuel Chapman, who in 1856 introduced into the Victorian Parliament a form of secret ballot now used throughout the world. The Hotham History Project invites you to a talk by Trefor Owen, a Manager at the Australian Electoral Commission and a third generation electoral officer. Trefor has lived in Chapman Street for many years and has long been interested in HS Chapman and the impact of his groundbreaking legislation. The talk will be held at the North Melbourne Library, commencing at 7.30pm.

6th October, 2007 Walking Tour - Walking the Streets Discover the history behind the naming of some of North Melbourne's Streets. (Postponed until further notice - watch this space.)

8th September, 2007 Walking Tour - Victorian Archives Centre Tour The Hotham History Project is organising a tour for our members of the Victorian Archives Centre in Shiel Street, North Melbourne. The tour will be conducted by Public Record Office Victoria volunteers and will commence at 11am. Groups are restricted to 15 people and need to be organised well in advance so please contact the Secretary if you wish to join the tour.

11th August, 2007 Meeting - Annual General Meeting The Annual General Meeting of the Hotham History Project will be held in the North Melbourne Library, commencing at 2pm. The theme for the AGM will be "150 years of education in North & West Melbourne.

26th June, 2007 Talk - Jim Brady on North Melbourne in the 1850s Presentation on North Melbourne in the 1850's, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Mattingley's school in Errol Street, the forerunner of the Errol Street Primary School. Our favourite Thespian, Jim Brady, (who appeared as "The Vagabond" at the Beat the Bounds of the Benevolent Asylum 150th celebration, November 2000, and as "John Buncle", Buncle Day, Hotham History Project AGM, September 2005) will present excerpts from Albert Mattingley's address to the Royal Historical Society of Victoria in 1915 on the early history of North Melbourne. Talk to commence at 8pm. Further details to be announced.

26th May, 2007 Walking Tour - Discovering Errol Street A repeat of our 2005 walk, uncovering the layers of history of the once famous and bustling Errol St shopping precinct. Meet outside the North Melbourne Library at 2pm.

24th April, 2007 Talk - Gary Presland on the History of North & West Melbourne Talk by Gary Presland on the area now known as North & West Melbourne. Gary Presland is an archaeologist and historian who has published widely and spoken frequently about pre-European Aboriginal life in the Melbourne area. His best known work on this subject is Aboriginal Melbourne, which was originally published in 1985 as Land of the Kulin. Gary's most recent studies have focused on reconstructing the natural history of Melbourne at the time of European arrival, for which he was awarded a PhD at The University of Melbourne. Talk to commence at 8pm. Further details to be announced.

27th February, 2007 Walking Tour - Twilight Walk around St Michael's Parish A twilight walk around St Michael's Parish will be held commencing at 6pm to commemorate the centenary of St Michael's church. Meet outside Victorian Archives Centre, 99 Shiel Street, North Melbourne.

29th October, 2006 Fair - Spring Fling Spring Fling - North & West Melbourne North Melbourne Town Hall and Little Errol Street Come along to our stall at the Spring Fling to buy our books and have your questions about the history of the area answered. .

15th October, 2006 Fair - Annual Fair - West Bourke Heritage Association YMCA Hall, cnr Essex & Market Streets, Footscray Theme: Short run print publishing Title: Local Heritage Publishing Speakers include Christine Worthington from the Prahran Mechanics' Institute. The Hotham History Project will have a stall selling our publications, along with the other groups that form the West Bourke Heritage Association

23rd September, 2006 Talk - Hotham History Project AGM 2.00 pm The Hotham History Project AGM will be held in the North Melbourne Library.

23rd September, 2006 Book Launch - Launch of Men of Hotham 3.00pm Launch by Bill Hannan of a new series People and Places in North and West Melbourne. The inaugural volume, Men of Hotham: Municipal Government in North Melbourne 1859-1905, by Heather McKay is a biographical dictionary of the councillors and staff who administered nineteenth century Hotham.

1st September, 2006 Talk - Launch of Bilingual Edition of Sammarchesi A bilingual edition of Luigi Soccio's book Sammarchesi: Memories of Migration from San Marco in Lamis will be launched at the San Marco club in Carlton. A join publication of the Hotham History Project and the San Marco Club, the translation was undertaken by secondary school students from San Marco in Lamis, Italy. Contact the San Marco Club for further details.

27th June, 2006 Book Launch - Launch of The Pride of Hotham North Melbourne celebrated the opening of its grand, new Town Hall on 27 June 1876. It therefore seems appropriate that the first comprehensive history of the Town Hall and its architect, George Johnson, was launched at the Town Hall on the 130th anniversary of this date. See

22nd June, 2006 Talk - A Guide to North Melbourne Library's Local History Collection Our wonderful Local History Librarian, Heather McKay, and the Local History Coordinator for Yarra/Melbourne Libraries goes to a lot of trouble to collect material to add to our extensive Local History Collection. Come and learn about all the wonderful resources in your local library. Commencing at 7.30pm at the North Melbourne Library.

21st June, 2006 Exhibition - The Town of North Melbourne A joint project by the Public Records Office of Victoria and City of Melbourne, this exhibition marks the centenary of the 1905 merger of North Melbourne and Melbourne City Council. It explores the people and places of this 'town on the edge of town' through books, plans, Sands & McDougall directories and photographs Victorian Archives Centre. It will run from 21 June to 30 September, 2006.

23rd May, 2006 Talk - The History of the North Melbourne Town Hall Bill Hannan has spent many hours over the past few years researching and writing this finely crafted, detailed and erudite history, titled The Pride of Hotham: the History of North Melbourne's Most Prominent Landmark. Come along and learn of his experiences in writing the book, which we hope will be launched the following month. Commencing at 7.30pm at the North Melbourne Library.

2nd May, 2006 Talk - Dating Family Photographs Lenore Frost of the Essendon Historical Society has kindly agreed to share her tips and tricks on dating family photographs. This should be an entertaining and informative evening. Lenore has written extensively on local history and there will be an opportunity to purchase some of her books. Commencing at 7.30pm at the North Melbourne Library

29th April, 2006 Walking Tour - R-Rated Real Estate Belonging to North & West Melbourne Lorraine Siska will be conducting another of her fascinating walks based on her research for the book she produced with Alan Ashley in 2004. Commencing at 2pm, the walk will take you past some of the historic buildings, or sites of early buildings, that Lorraine chose because they illustrate the changes, both good and bad, to the historic building fabric of North & West Melbourne.

28th February, 2006 Meeting - West Melbourne Oral History Project Oral histories in our collection convey a vivid picture of growing up in North & West Melbourne in the 1930s-50s. The Committee wants to incorporate some of these memories into a volume on West Melbourne that will also include the workplaces, buildings and institutions that make up West Melbourne. We encourage anyone interested in being involved in this important project to attend this meeting at 7.30pm in the North Melbourne Library.

5th February, 2006 Meeting - West Melbourne Discovery Walk Members of the Hotham History Project Committee are planning a summer's afternoon wander around West Melbourne to identify places of interest that could be the subject of a future walk. This is very much a preliminary exploration, but we invite members to join us who have an interest in West Melbourne and wish to show us some of their favourite places. We will meet at 5pm at the corner of Errol & Victoria Streets outside the Three Crowns Hotel.

5th December, 2005 Performance - Billy Maloney: A New Play by Bill Garner and Sue Gore North Melbourne Town Hall (8 performances only), 8pm Mon 5th December to Sat 10, 2pm matinee Wed 7th and Sat 10th. See

10th September, 2005 Meeting - Annual General Meeting & 'Buncle Day' In the spirit of Hotham's centennial celebrations, we will hold our Annual General Meeting on September 10, which will be known as our first 'Buncle Day. The AGM will enable people to catch up with many of our present projects and is an opportunity to welcome more members to the Committee.

1st September, 2005 Exhibition - The Town of North Melbourne This exhibition marks the centenary of the 1905 merger of North Melbourne and Mebourne City Council. it explores the people and places of this 'town on the edge of town' through books, plans, Sands & McDougall directories and photographs. It is currently at the City Gallery, Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston Street, Melbourne until 22 September.

20th August, 2005 Fair - Local & Family History Fair (West Bourke Heritage Association) See

6th August, 2005 Walking Tour - Errol Street Precinct and Surrounds

4th June, 2005 Walking Tour - R-Rated Real Estate belonging to North and West Melbourne (Based on the book by Lorraine Siska and Alan Ashley.)

14th May, 2005 Walking Tour - Walk around Hotham Hill

6th November, 2004 Talk - At Home on Hotham Hill Guy Murphy, author of 'At Home on Hotham Hill' gives a public talk about the history of 'the Bougainvillea House' at 2pm, in Meeting Room No 1 (upstairs) North Melbourne Library, 66 Errol Street, North Melbourne.

1st September, 2004 Book Launch - At Home on Hotham Hill: A Portrait of a Nineteenth Century Entrepreneur The official launch of volume 4 of the Annals of Hotham, At Home on Hotham Hill: A Portrait of a Nineteenth Century Entrepreneur by Guy Murphy.