Opening of the Hotham Town Hall.

Just imagine how proud and accomplished the members of our local community must have felt after raising sufficient funds to design and construct the North Melbourne Town Hall (previously called the Hotham Town Hall) You may know it today as the ‘Arts House’, a centre for contemporary performance and interactive artforms.

What were their lives like in 1876 when the locals all celebrated their separation from the municipality of Melbourne and the Hotham community chose self determination.

Take a close look at the stunning outfits they wore on opening night, imagine the sounds of the music playing in the background and ponder the excitement and wonder that goes together with having a grand party.

Click the play button, close your eyes and let your mind visualise waltzing around in grand style on the dance floor just as they did in 1876.

Song: Waltz of The Flowers Op.71 Composer: Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Licence: The song is permitted for commercial use under licenseĀ “public domain, non copyrighted.”

Image held by the State Library of Victoria.