Prince of Angels: The Story of St Michael’s Church North Melbourne 1907-2007


Prince of Angels: The Story of St Michael’s Church North Melbourne 1907-2007
by Lorna Hannan

People and Places in North and West Melbourne
Hotham History Project
North Melbourne, 2007.



Summary: ‘Prince of Angels’, The story of St Michael’s Church North Melbourne 1907-2007, is published in 2007 to commemorate the laying of the foundation stone and the opening of the church one hundred years ago. The author, Lorna Hannan, writes about the building and what it means, as well as the people who lived nearby and helped pay for it and its decoration. She draws attention to very large paintings, the work of Giorgio de Pyro, that are on the walls around the altar and were specially photographed for this publication by Harry Nicholls. Lorna and Rae Nicholls enjoyed collecting the material here and would welcome any new material that relates to St Michael’s.

Bio: Lorna Hannan is the founding chair of the Hotham History Project. She has lived on Hotham Hill in North Melbourne, down the road from St Michael’s Church, for more than 40 years and has family links with the area that reach back into the nineteenth century. She has a longterm interest in church art and iconography and with Bill Hannan, recently co-authored Art for Travellers FRANCE, The Essential Guide to Viewing Art in Paris and its Surrounds (2004) and its companion volume, GREECE (2006) both published by Interlink in USA. Rae and Harry Nicholls both grew up in ‘North’ close to St Michael’s. They retain strong links with the area and with many of the people who live and have lived there. In particular, Rae delights us with stories of people and families who,over several generations, have lived in the neighbourhood.