R-Rated Real Estate Belonging to North & West Melbourne


R-Rated Real Estate Belonging to North & West Melbourne
by Lorraine Siska & Alan Ashley
Hotham History Project
North Melbourne, 2004



Summary: This project was inspired by the Response of the Researcher, Lorraine Siska to the Removals and Replacements, Renovations and Restorations of the Real Estate of North and West Melbourne, each was assigned an R word to Rate the change, or otherwise, to the property, hence the title R-Rated Real Estate. The book and its companion CD ROM slide show display records the last 35 to 40 years of R-Rated Belonging to the area and a few of the developments that have happened over this time. These old photographs – most of them from the early 1960s and mid-1980s – were Random, prompted by a desire to Recall, ‘What was there?’ to find out ‘What’s there now?’ and as such the project photographer endeavoured to take the 2002 photographs from the same vantage point as the original photographs so as to Reflect the changes. So it becomes a Resume of gains and losses! Some are Reviled and Removed to make way for the next wave. Some Redefined or Remodelled to work in a different way. Some are Respected and Restored. All belong to the building fabric of North and West Melbourne and they show the important Role of the Recorded image to document the past and value that which is worth preserving.