Unfinished Work

A book is being published by friends of the late Ailsa O’Connor. It is entitled “Unfinished Work … articles and notes on Women and the Politics of Art“.

As the name suggests, it is a collection of writings by Ailsa. It will also include some reproductions of her work.

Ailsa was very well known to North Melbourne families as an art teacher at Flemington High School in the early days of the school. She has made North Melbourne the subject of a number of her paintings and delighted in sketching the Victoria Market and the people who shop there.

Her great-grandfather was the original owner of the historic iron house which used to be 59 Arden Street until 1980.

Ailsa died in early 1980 and her friends have been working together gathering her articles, poems and letters.

by unknown author. First published in the North Melbourne News.

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